Your vehicle. Our world

We offer a broad selection of products to complement those of our client banks, especially in relation with vehicle financing.


GAP Guaranteed Asset Protection

This coverage provides for the depreciation or credit pending payment for a vehicle if it is declared a write-off due to fire, accident or theft.

PPI Payment Protection Insurance

Payment protection which releases your client from having to pay the instalments on their vehicle loan in the case of incapacity, illness or involuntary unemployment.

Extended Warranty

Cover for mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown affecting your client’s vehicle following expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Used Vehicle Mechanical Warranty

This service covers mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdowns affecting your client’s used vehicle.

Tyre Protection

Coverage for the costs of replacing or repairing one or all of a vehicle’s tyres in the event of a puncture or accidental damage.

Driving Licence Insurance

This cover guarantees payment of indemnity if your client has their driving licence withdrawn as a result of an administrative ruling.

MOT Insurance

This insurance covers the repairs required for your vehicle to pass its MOT.